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Exploris Health provides artificial intelligence based
diagnostics in Healthcare – Cardioexplorer is the first
coronary artery disease (CAD) diagnostic test based
on the proprietary Exploris AI-X platform

Coronary heart disease is still the leading cause of death worldwide.

So far, there was no simple and accurate, non-invasive test for the fast detection of live threatening narrowing of the heart arteries available. Cardioexplorer is the first simple cardiovascular diagnostic test for the current detection/exclusion of live threatening constrictions of the heart arteries – the main reason for heart attacks.

The award winning Cardioexplorer test (Swiss Biolabs Award 2018) has been validated in three clinical studies and is significantly more accurate than the frequently applied stress ECG (sensitivity 45-50% vs. Cardioexplorer sensitivity 75-98%). It has a CE marking by swissmedic/EMA and is currently introduced to the CH/EU market.

Cardioexplorer needs basic anamnestic and clinical data plus a blood sample. These 32 standard variables can be easily collected in any primary care setting and are sent to the Exploris server. The individual Cardioexplorer risk classification is immediately available for the patient. In a low risk population for CAD – similar to one in a primary care setting – the Cardioexplorer supportive analysis gives a reliable answer for up to 80% of the patients at risk, whether the stenosis of the coronary arteries can be confirmed or not. Doctors receive more safety and decision support concerning next actions.

Exploris Health has developed the proprietary AI-X Platform over more than 15 years – a total effort of around 100 men years has been invested.

Exploris Health has developed optimized versions of known AI methods and new algorithms have been built from scratch. This in order to achieve robust results even on small datasets, making use of a proprietary automated modelling process. Based on the inherent information in the data, the software engine selects au-tonomously which methods to apply and their optimal parameters, which attributes to use and how to combine them functionally. The cornerstone of the approach is the proprietary evolutionary learning optimization engine which is designed specifically for finding an effective solution for complex multidimensional problems in medicine where calculating each possible configuration requires a lot of calculations.

Exploris Health is a leader in AI based diagnostics and therapy guidance in cardiology. In 2018 Exploris health has been nominated as partner together with four European clinics in an EU Interreg project and a Horizon 2020 project for the development of the next generation cardiology product – Heart Failure Explorer. These projects will fundamentally change heart failure treatment.

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