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Hi-D Imaging

We provide a novel tailored heart valve
selection service which allows augmenting
disease management, decreasing complications
after heart valve replacement operation and
reducing long-term treatment costs.

Hi-D Imaging is a MedTech startup company based in Zürich that provides a novel tailored heart valve selection service for medical companies and cardiologists before the heart valve implantation operations. The mission of Hi-D Imaging is to reach as many patients as possible all around the world and to create a healthier world one individual at a time.

The major gap between the conventional medical imaging and the aortic valve replacement operation is the lack of information on the patient-specific hemodynamics. With the developments in personalized medicine, it is now accepted that “one size fits all” approach is no longer valid. The current procedure is such that the clinicians select heart valves for their patients with very limited information, which may cause major after-operation complications. Misselection of the shape and the size of the heart valve may lead to aortic regurgitation, permanent pacemaker implantation and life threating bleeding.

Our service is based on analyzing the blood flow patterns in vitro using an optical imaging technique within an anatomically accurate silicone model produced using CT scans of the patients. We test different heart valves for the patient-specific anatomy before the heart valve replacement operation and report the optimum tailored shape and size of the valve to the clinician.

With the novel service of Hi-D Imaging, we seek to eliminate the risks and costs by providing a detailed analysis of each patient’s blood flow parameters based on their patient-specific anatomies and therefore aim to:

1 Decrease the complications due to the misselection of the size and/or shape of the heart valve

2 Increase their life quality by reducing complications,

3 Reduce the length hospital stays,

4 Reduce the costs to the health insurance system.

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